DNU Aarhus

Project description

When the new University Hospital (DNU) in Aarhus is completed in 2019, it will be about the same size as a small Danish provincial town.

This imposes requirements on the lighting: it should be energy efficient; it should ensure a good working environment for employees and patients alike; and, it should meet a wide variety of needs in a variety of different rooms.

One of the first stages involves the hospital’s oncology and infectious disease department, with a combined area of 22,000 m2. Most of the lighting was developed by SG and supplied by Lemvigh-Müller. Bravida has had the technical contract

Lighting solution

The easy installation is highlighted by Jan Andersen Dahl, Project Manager at Bravida.

“Each luminaire has a socket and plug, so they do not have to be opened to connect the wiring,” he explains. At the same time, SG chose to position the plug on the top of the luminaire instead of the side, which made a big difference during installation. “You don’t have to spend time wondering which way to turn the luminaire or bother trying to rotate it if you mistakenly turn it in the wrong way compared to the plug. You just install it,” explains Jan Andersen Dahl, Bravida.

And it is easy to maintain. All of the luminaires are easy to clean, as they have smooth surfaces with no nooks or crannies that accumulate dirt and dust. Also, all luminaires have replaceable modules that can be easily ejected and replaced, without having to use any tools at all,” Jan Andersen Dahl explains. “This can be done very quickly so the entire maintenance process can be done without having to close down individual rooms or departments, which minimises the inconvenience for both employees and patients.”  

Maintenance will not be needed in the near future, however. To Jan Andersen Dahl, the most urgent task is to finish the last installation works in construction site S3, which includes lighting. Everything is on schedule, he explains, and emphasises SG’ high quality. “When dealing with electronics, there will always be a certain amount of error, but there were very few faults on the SG luminaires compared to what I usually experience. This makes my job easier, because faults wreak havoc on schedules and budgets.”

Det Nye Universitetshospital i Aarhus
8210 Aarhus

See map: Google Maps

Design & production: SG Armaturen

Supplier: Lemvigh-Müller

Installation: Bravida

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