Fusa continuation school

Project description

Fusa Ungdomsskole is a recently constructed, joint continuation school for the whole of Fusa Municipality. The school, which has 180 pupils, emphasises cooperation and a positive learning environment.

Lighting solution

In the construction of the school, lighting was a key aspect of providing a good learning environment. The auditorium has a Concido pendant installed. DiLED Tunable White luminaires have been installed in the classrooms. Adjusting the colour temperature can support the learning environment. A warm, relaxing light in the morning provides a tranquil start to the day, while a cooler light later in the day promotes attention and concentration. Sense luminaires are used in the other rooms of the school.

Fusa Ungdomsskule
Brakabygda 33-34
5640 Eikelandsosen

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Fusa Ungdomsskule: https://fusau.no/

Byggherre: Fusa kommune

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