Gavlegårdarna, northeast in Gävle

Project description

Municipal housing company Gavlegårdarna, which owns and manages properties housing around 30,000 residents, made the decision to renovate its north-eastern residential district with new balconies, façades and outdoor lighting.

Contracting company TSTgruppen was commissioned to come up with a modern and energy-efficient solution. Project manager Filip Jonsson chose to team up with SG Lighting for the lighting element.

Lighting solution

Place was chosen for general lighting of parking spaces and footbridges, while for play areas and barbecue areas the chosen option was the spot luminaire Wax, which provides defined and controlled light. The results were particularly successful at “Circusgården”, which can be seen in the pictures.

All in all, a highly positive result for local residents, who can now enjoy a sociable and welcoming outdoor environment.

Norra Köpmangatan 38A
803 21 Gävle

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Contracting company TST gruppen


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