High Coast Whisky Distillery

Project description

The High Coast Whisky distillery wanted new lighting for its warehouses, which are used both as a storage facility and as a visitor centre for customers. It was therefore essential to have lighting that could satisfy both of these requirements.

Lighting solution

SG Lighting was commissioned by electrical contractor Häggblads EL to develop a lighting solution. After running a variety of computer simulations Arena was chosen. A custom solution was developed, with the dimensions of the luminaire adapted to fit the existing timber frame in the ceiling.

The customised Arena luminaire has optics with a medium beam angle and its 130W rating produces 16,000lm. The luminaire has DALI drivers that can cope with really low temperatures and the custom-made LED boards of 2700K creates the right ambience.

High Coast Whisky
Sörviken 140
872 96 Bjärtrå

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High Coast Whisky

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