Project description

INGENIØR’NE have taken over the former post office in Esbjerg, situated at Jernbanegade 1. The property was built in the mid-1990s and has a unique and central location in proximity to the motorway, harbour and city centre. It goes without saying that the building is remarkable given that it has operated as a post office with counter services and parcel sorting/courier services. 

Stairs have been added between the storeys in the open area. The former entrance to the building has been sealed and replaced with large glass panels, and a new, more modern entrance has been created on the north side of the building. A reception area, offices, meeting rooms and canteen have been established on the 1st floor, and offices, meeting rooms and an open office area have been formed on the 2nd floor. The basement now houses archives, technical areas, staff rooms, etc. All in all, it is now a modern office for INGENIØR’NE’s future work.

Lighting solution

The lighting solution was delivered by SG. 

100 Molior Line, 16 Molior Corner and 40 Rax 150 have been installed in the various rooms in the building in order to emphasise the clean, modern lines in the newly renovated head office.

The fittings are daylight controlled using DALI to ensure that light is adapted throughout the day. This provides comfortable lighting levels for employees and delivers an energy efficient solution.

Jernbanegade 1
6700 Esbjerg

See map: Google Maps

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