Project description

Nittedal’s Mosenteret has recently reopened after refurbishment. The shopping centre has expanded from 5,500 m2 to 10,000 m2 and also now has a 2-storey car park. SG worked with Line Elektro AS to supply the lighting.

Lighting solution

The shopping centre mainly uses Sense 495 as well as Concido Pendant. Rax 150 lacquered black and Spike are used outdoors under canopies and at doors. Sense Eco, Prelude and Wave are used in other spaces.
ShopLine rails and Tube Eco are installed in some of the stores. The centre’s car park has Wave installed, while Junistar Eco, SlimLine, LEDDim 400 and Spike are used outdoors in the apartments section.

Mattias Skyttersvei 2
1482 Nittedal

Linje Elektro AS
Øvre Grønliveien 1
1472 Fjellhamar

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