Netto Skallebølle

Project description

In Skallebølle, west of Odense, Netto has opened another one of its new store designs. The decor has not only been given a radical overhaul, but everything from the colours and music to goods and Netto employees’ clothing has been updated. This also applies to the lighting SG has provided.

Lighting solution

SG supplied the lighting in the form of Sector and Tube Eco. Sector is a new retail luminaire sporting a contemporary design, perfectly suited as the basic lighting for shops and showrooms. It is quick to install because it can be fitted directly into the ShopLine rail. This makes Sector the ideal solution for premises where luminaires need to be repositioned, as they can be moved around without additional installation work.

In the car park, Place is used on painted design masts and is also mounted on walls.

5492 Vissenbjerg

See map: Google Maps


Installer: Jacob Jensen EL A/S

Contractor: Amstrup & Baggesen Entreprise

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