Odense Energy Lean

Project description

Odense Municipality’s project Energy Lean aims to reduce CO2 emissions from the public schools.

The core of the project is that energy renovating can reduce COemissions and improve indoor air and at the same time obtain an economic profit and create new green jobs.

Local supplier of energy saving lighting. 
SG provided most of the lighting for the Energy Lean project. The task that has been one of the major on SG in 2015, has secured employment for several of SG employees.

Lighting solution

The lighting solution has primarily been a special developed luminaire, Box Lean that uses LED technology to ensure a very energy efficient solution.

Along with Box Lean solution has SG also provided additional indoor lighting, and outdoor lighting through the Place luminaire. Place is also an energy efficient solution that easily and elegantly fit into many different outdoor environments such as school playgrounds, parking places and the like.

The entire Energy Lean project has provided a significant energy saving of up to 60% compared to the replaced lighting condition.

Lighting for humans 
In addition to a significant energy saving for Odense Municipality it has also been of great benefit to the end user in Odense schools and other institutions based on the philosophy of providing the user the right amount of light in the right place at the right time.

The right lighting has a major impact on the working environment in schools. It affects concentration and learning ability of students, and it has also been an important parameter in the development of the lighting solution in the Energy Lean project.

Demantsvej 30
5260 Odense

See map: Google Maps

Installer: Wicotec Kirkebjerg

consulting engineer: Rambøll Denmark

End-user: Odense Kommune

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