Vidå Sluice

Project description

Vidå Sluice at Højer is situated in the advanced coastal dike on the Wadden Sea. The sluice was built in 1981, replacing Højer Sluice, as a result of a dramatic storm surge in 1976 when the sea level was 4.98 metres above normal  (watch video)

The dike is dimensioned to resist storm surges which statistically occur every 200 years. 
A museum and restaurant with car park are located at the sluice.

Lighting solution

Harsh weather makes stringent demands on materials.

The choice of lighting solution is therefore the Ray Bollard LED, which, like SG’ other outdoor lighting products, is designed to resist harsh weather conditions.

Vidå Sluse
6280 Slusevej

See map: Google Maps

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