Project description

The owners of the Bjørnholthallen sports complex faced very high costs for replacing defective light sources. Furthermore, the luminaires were on from 6 am to 11.30 pm, which also meant very high energy costs. The decision was made to find a new lighting solution to reduce energy costs and maintenance costs.

Lighting solution

The solution was Arena Sport by SG. Arena Sport is an energy-efficient, cost-effective luminaire with a protective ball grille and minimal glare, so it is particularly suitable for sports halls. Arena Sport is easy to install. In the Bjørnholthallen sports complex, Arena Sport has been installed with DALI controls and sensors that use motion detection to turn on the light in the hall and turn it off again after 30 minutes without motion.

Slimeveien 17
1275 Oslo

See map: Google Maps

Installatør: Datelco 

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