Project description AS is a Norwegian online marketplace that provides a variety of ads and services to individuals and businesses. has completely refurbished its premises in Oslo. Among other things, it merged two cafeterias into one, creating a socially stimulating environment where the lighting is an essential feature. also established open-office landscapes and meeting rooms enhanced by good lighting, sound and ventilation.

Lighting solution

SG delivered more than a thousand LED luminaires for the project. In corridors, a lineal lighting solution with varying lengths and corner divisions was used.

A Facet lamp is installed over each workstation. The luminaire can be dimmed via an extension lead, enabling employees to adjust the amount of light at their own workstation.

Junistar Soft is installed in suspended ceilings in several locations, while Disc 290 is used in areas such as stairwells and corridors. ShopLine three-phase rails are installed in social gathering areas. Zip Tube Mini and Zip Tube Mini Pendant are mounted in the Shopline rails.

Sense Opalprism 600x600 LED panels were selected for meeting rooms. The panels are easy to dim with our LEDDim 400 dimmer.
Grensen 5-7
0159 Oslo

See map: Google Maps

Installer: Abildsø Elektriske AS

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