Leasing Fyn

Project description

Leasing Fyn has taken up residence in a newbuild headquarters. The first requirement was to create a more contemporary, central framework for the company, located in the southern outskirts of Odense.

Deputy Director Søren Kejlhof explains: “We wanted to create a modern solution with good, bright lighting that adapts automatically to the presence of people in the room and to the natural daylight, and we’re very pleased with the result.”

Lighting solution

“A visit to the SG showroom in Odense made it easy to identify the right luminaires when Leasing Fyn needed to select lighting for its newbuild headquarters in Odense,” Søren Kejlhof continues.

The choice fell on DiLED and Rax 200, while Place was installed in the outdoor areas. A bracket was developed for the DiLED to facilitate installing the luminaires in the chosen system of ceiling cladding.

Leasing Fyn
Bondovej 1
5250 Odense SV

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