RSA, Malmö

Project description

RSA has moved its business to a new office. RSA has a vision to be the best within electrical and computer installation services in its region of south-western Skåne.

The new office will maintain a high standard and be at the forefront of technology. Following a visit to the premises, SG Lighting was commissioned to develop a suitable lighting solution.

Lighting solution

SG’s Swedish team, in collaboration with SG’s Custom Design team, developed a custom solution employing a recessed version of the Lineal luminaire in the communal areas. Recessed Lineal luminaires were also used in the conference rooms together with Junistar Soft. Single suspended Lineal luminaires were installed above workstations, supplemented by Junistar Soft with TW LEDDim controls.

The whole system has been installed with driver kits for 3-pin trailing edge dimming and is controlled by SG Smart.
SG Smart is an intelligent system for controlling lighting and can be configured and controlled via the SG Smart app. The lights above the workstations are programmed in the app and follow a Tunable White cycle, which simulates the changing light from the sun throughout the day (2700-6500K) and creates the best possible conditions for employee wellbeing and productivity.

Wax has been installed in the outdoor areas.

Stekelgatan 20
212 23 Malmö

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