In the spring of 2019, SG received a three-year certification through the ECO Lighthouse foundation.

The ECO Lighthouse certification is approved by the EU. Through its work to secure certification, SG became aware of which areas it could contribute in to improve the environment, and this work continues in our daily operations. An annual report on developments is submitted to ECO Lighthouse.

Internally in the company, we also have an environmental ambassador who is responsible for challenging the company’s management team at all times to consider the environment in decisions they make and strategies they adopt.

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The ECO Lighthouse certification is a recognised and effective tool for certification and environmental management that helps businesses to succeed in a green transition.

ECO Lighthouse is a national certification scheme run by the ECO Lighthouse Foundation. The foundation was established in 2003 by key organisations in business and public administration.

Can ECO Lighthouse certification contribute towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals? The answer is yes! ECO Lighthouse certification provides businesses with great conditions in which to contribute to multiple development goals.

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