Information on the protection of personal data

1. General information

SG Armaturen/SG Lighting (“SG”) appreciates your interest in our products and the solutions on our website. It is our aim to help you find good lighting solutions.

To do so, and to provide you with the best possible service, we need to collect personal data. SG takes protecting and respecting your privacy very seriously. Therefore, it is our intention to process your personal data responsibly and appropriately in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applicable to the EU Member States and the EEA countries (including Norway).

The purpose of SG’s “Information on the protection of personal data” is therefore to give you an overall understanding of why and how we process your personal data

SG Armaturen’s data controller for the processing of personal data:

SG Armaturen
Global Data Protection Office
Skytterheia 25
N-4790 Lillesand

2. What is personal data?

Any and all information relating to a natural person is personal data. This means all types of information directly or indirectly linked to a person. This could, for example, be your name, address, telephone number, email address, IP address, etc. Personal data is used to deliver various services to you

3. When does SG collect personal data?

SG collects a variety of data in a number of different ways when you are in contact with us. This may be when you use our online media, participate in customer visits or seminars or purchase SG products, or when you apply for a job with SG.

4. Why collect personal data?

We collect information to enable us to run our business in accordance with legislation, deliver products and develop the quality of products and services for you, and to enhance your experience of interacting with us.

5. What personal data does SG collect and why?

As a general rule, SG processes only ordinary personal data and not sensitive personal data, unless you have given your express consent.
Ordinary personal data may be collected in the following circumstances:

a) Contact details when making purchases
Contact details such as name, address, telephone number, email address, title, company, etc., are used in connection with purchasing goods and services from SG and are registered in our ERP system. These details are collected in accordance with the Bookkeeping Act and to enable us to meet guarantees in the event of any complaints.

b) Contact details on various forms
Contact details are also collected in connection with registration for customer events, seminars or other forms, e.g. on the SG website or SG apps. Some data is required (marked with an asterisk “*”) for rendering the service you have asked for, while other data is optional.

c) Information in connection with visiting the website
When you visit the SG website, we use cookies to enhance your experience. Cookies enable us to gather information about the pages and functions being used during browsing so that we can optimise our website to provide the best possible user experience.
The data is collected using Google Analytics, and includes only basic data such as the number of visits, pages visited, which countries the visitors come from, etc.
It is not possible to attribute the data recorded to individuals.  You can read more about SG’s cookies policy here.

d) Signing up for the SG newsletter
When you sign up for the SG newsletter, you give us various personal details such as your email address, name, company, etc., so that we can send you our newsletter. Some data is required (marked with an asterisk “*”) for rendering the service you have asked for, while other data is optional.
When distributing the newsletter, SG collects information about the popularity of the newsletter by tracking data including how many people open the newsletter, what content they read, whether they click on links in the newsletter, etc.
We use MailChimp to distribute the newsletter and collect data. The purpose of collecting this data is to optimise subsequent newsletters to match the recipients’ interests.

e) Social media
SG uses the following social media in its marketing: LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.
SG has access to the public profile data of its followers, entered by each individual when creating a profile on the relevant social media.
SG uses social media analytics to assess interest in the updates shared on SG’s corporate page, with a view to optimising the content to match the recipients’ interests.

f) Job applications
SG retains a single copy of each job application on a company database for a length of time we deem suitable but no more than 12 months from receipt of the application.

6. Disclosure of data to third parties

SG’s disclosure of personal data is kept to an absolute minimum; whenever any data is disclosed, we require an adequate level of data protection to be maintained. Data may be made available in connection with recipients rendering services on behalf of SG such as hosting, IT support, marketing services, administrative services or other data processing. These recipients are only permitted to process personal data in accordance with our instructions under conditions governed by a data processing agreement.

7. Deletion of data

As a general rule, SG does not retain personal data for longer than is necessary in order to render the best possible service, or as required by law.
Where you have given your consent, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. This applies, for example, to our newsletter; you may unsubscribe at any time via the link in the email itself. You can also stop following SG on social media at any time.
If you withdraw your consent, we will stop processing your personal data unless the law dictates otherwise.

8. Safeguarding information

SG has put in place a number of organisational and technical measures to safeguard personal data. This includes appropriate staff training as well as regular monitoring of procedures.

9. Your rights

You have the right at any time to access the data SG holds about you or to request deletion or correction of your data unless the data is subject to statutory exceptions.
You may send us a written request, and we will then delete your personal data unless there is a legal basis for continuing to process it. Any such request must contain all the relevant information to enable us to fulfil the request, i.e. full name and email address. We will accommodate your request at the earliest opportunity.
If you want to complain about SG’s processing of personal data, you are welcome to contact us at any time.

10. Changes

SG reserves the right to vary its privacy policy in response to any changes in legislation

11. Contact

If you have questions or requests regarding the processing of your personal data or SG’s privacy policy, you can contact SG at:

SG Armaturen
Global Data Protection Office
Skytterheia 25
N-4790 Lillesand