SG's Corporate Social Responsibility

SG Armaturen AS is a family-owned group. We are a firm that cares about people both within our corporate family and in the surrounding world. With our own companies and factory in Europe, a factory in China and distributors in a range of countries, it is absolutely essential for SG to be aware of its responsibilities.

We want to contribute to a society that takes people and the environment seriously, which is why we are a contributor in a variety of areas. The areas set out below describe which initiatives SG is involved in to secure a safer world that looks towards the future.



In the spring of 2019, SG received a three-year certification through the ECO Lighthouse foundation. The ECO Lighthouse certification is approved by the EU.



In order to contribute to a more sustainable society, SG has resolved to work actively with 3 of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.


Social responsibility

At SG, we believe in helping to ensure that more people have lives with meaning and purpose. We believe in assisting people where they are.


Products and packaging

Our talented designers and product developers are constantly working to develop new and established products. Common to all development initiatives is that we want to offer quality and a long service life, as well as straightforward installation.