Optimized hospital lighting for the environment, patients and staff

SG has the expertise and experience to create the optimum lighting solution for hospitals and other healthcare institutions. Hospitals are major consumers of energy. Their combined power consumption is very high; an estimated 25% of this is used on lighting.
The lighting solution needs to be tailored to each area so as to create the perfect setting for the user, whilst not using any more energy than is absolutely necessary.

MultiConcept - Comfort 01.jpg
MultiConcept - Comfort 02.jpg
Sense Clean 01.jpg
DiLED TW 01.jpg
MultiConcept 09.jpg
MultiConcept 03.jpg
MultiConcept 02.jpg
MultiConcept 08.jpg
MultiConcept 07.jpg
MultiConcept 06.jpg
Rax 13.jpg
MultiConcept 12.jpg
MultiConcept 11.jpg
MultiConcept 10.jpg
MultiConcept 05.jpg
MultiConcept 04.jpg

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