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Do you need inspiration for lighting?

SG Armaturen develops and designs quality lighting and associated equipment for residential and commercial use

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Lineal is a modular system solution for recessed mounting, with a perfect, well thought-out design for continuous light in illuminated lines. Lineal Recessed appears elegant in both ceilings and walls.

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Inspire R

Inspire R is a rectangular recessed downlight for indoor use. With cubist black reflectors it has very low glare and harmonious non-flickering light with a well-defined light pattern.

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Rax Soft 200

Rax Soft 200 is a high-performance downlight for lighting in public buildings, offices, corridors etc with an excellent light control by a combination of optimized lens and reflector optics. 


SG Lighting have a wide range of different lineal extruded luminaires with various width and height profiles to suit all requirements.

Corporate Social Responsibility

SG Lighting wants to contribute to a society that takes people and the environment seriously.

We develop professional lighting solutions for many sectors and industries

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