Create flow and attractive working environment

An industrial company has to function efficiently at all times. There has to be a flow in the various processes for production, and this also involves human resources.

SG has the expertise and experience to create the optimum lighting solution for industrial environment. 
So it is important to create an attractive working environment which helps employees perform their functions while avoiding errors, and which also motivates them to do their very best.

It is also important for the lighting not to use more energy than is absolutely necessary. An industrial lighting solution can often be a major investment in the short term, but the cost of the right solution can quickly be recouped over just a few years.

Tysnes 66.jpg
Industry Area66.jpg
Etne 01.jpg
Sense Opalprism 15.jpg
Tovdal 01.jpg
Basic 01.jpg
Econ 03.jpg
Sense Opalprism 16.jpg
Arena 01.jpg
Tovdal 02.jpg
Arena Eco 01.jpg
Sense Eco - Jupiter Pro 01.jpg
Sense Opalprism 17.jpg
Tube Pendant 07.jpg
View 08.jpg
Linus 01.jpg
Sense Clean 02.jpg
Arena 04.jpg
Wave 05.jpg
Arena 02.jpg
Area 66 02.jpg
Arena Sport 04.jpg
Area 66 01.jpg
Arena 03.jpg
Arena Sport 03.jpg
Wave 04.jpg
View 07.jpg

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