Lots of possibilities for bathroom lighting

This room requires different forms of lighting. When we go to the bathroom at night, we want as little light as possible, whereas when we’re doing our makeup, etc., we want very good lighting. The tiles are key when it comes to bathroom lighting. For example, if dark floor tiles are used, the lighting must take this into account.

Junistar Soft 04.jpg
Prelude Square 02.jpg
Junistar Soft Nano 01.jpg
Stripline Junistar TW 01.jpg
StripLine 01.jpg
Nano 06.jpg
Prelude Square 01.jpg
Junistar Lux 05.jpg
Soft Slim 02.jpg
Nano 01.jpg
Soft Slim 03.jpg
View 02.jpg
Soft Slim 04.jpg
View 01.jpg
Zip 230V 01.jpg
Junistar Lux 04.jpg
Prelude 02.jpg
Junistar Lux Square 01.jpg
Junistar Lux 03.jpg
Junistar Soft 01.jpg
Prelude 01.jpg
Junistar Lux 01.jpg
Soft Slim 01.jpg
View 03.jpg

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