All luminaires driven by mains electricity (AC – Alternating Current) may be subject to flicker. Flicker is rapid variations in the light intensity, which are mostly invisible to the human eye. But even so it may negatively affect humans and cause fatigue, headache etc.

EU have since 2022 forbidden the most flickering luminaires / light sources on the market. For all indoor luminaires the limits are:
Visible flicker (PstLM): ≤ 1,0
Stroboscopic flicker (SVM): ≤ 0,9 (After Sep 1st, 2024: ≤ 0,4)
All SG luminaires naturally fulfil these requirements, and most are much better. 
In addition, SG have a range of products with extremely low flicker, and these are marked with our FlickerFree icon.

To earn this quality label, the luminaire must have less than 3% flicker.

Before the EU regulation for flicker came, indoor luminaires could have up to 100% flicker. The PstLM / SVM measurements are not directly comparable to flicker percent, but products with up to around 15% flicker could still pass these requirements. So, 3% is far below the EU limits.


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