Lighting in hallways and stairways

Hallways and stairways are often good spaces to create a little extra satisfying Iighting. Even though they are often only used to get from A to B, many people choose to use lighting decoratively, as in a living room. Stairs are a challenge when it comes to lighting, as not all bulbs are equally suitable. But the staircase is still an integral part of the home, often leading to several rooms, so it’s a good idea to think through how to light it. It’s important to find the right kind of light!

Etne 02.jpg
Circulus Maxi Pendant 02.jpg
soft square 02.jpg
stripline 04.jpg
Zip Tube Micro 04.jpg
SlimLine Pro 00.jpg
Zip Tube Micro 05.jpg
hall-junistar soft.jpg
Tube Micro Trio 01.jpg
hall-lux square.jpg
Zip Tube Mini Pendant 01.jpg
Artes Midi envir2.jpg
Zip Tube Micro 06.jpg
Zip Tube Mini Pendant 02.jpg
Capella IsoSafe 03.jpg
Zip Tube Mini Pendant 03.jpg
Cube Lux 08.jpg
Zip Zoom 08.jpg
Artes 03.jpg
Cube Lux 09.jpg
Zip Zoom 09.jpg
Edge 01.jpg
Junistar Lux Square 07.jpg
Zip Tube Micro 03.jpg
Smart Switch 01.jpg
Wave 01.jpg
hall-Tube Micro S.jpg

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