Human Centric Lighting

Light is an important part of everyday life

Natural light changes with the seasons and through the day and has a big impact on how we feel. Our mood can be affected by the amount of light and the quality of the light throughout the 24 hours of the day – the circadian rhythm.

Bringing natural light indoors
Our hectic lifestyles can be a challenge for our internal clock. Light is such a huge part of our lives and we spend a lot of our time working indoors. New  technology makes it possible to easy “mimic” sunlight during the day and create the best possible conditions for people staying indoors.

Tunable White lighting is created by TW luminaires and intelligent control
The special design of the LED boards offers optimum control of white light, from 2700 Kelvin to 6500 Kelvin in combination with the lux level.
SG offer a full ranges of TW luminaires controlled by either the revolutionary TW LEDDim system or high performance TW DALI system.