Shows the way in the dark

Outdoor lighting serves many purposes – first and foremost, it has to show the way in the dark. But there are a lot more considerations when it comes to optimising outdoor lighting.

SG has the expertise and experience to create the optimum outdoor lighting solution. 

An energy-efficient solution is also important when it comes to outdoor lighting. Combining energy-efficient light sources with a long service life, such as LEDs, with controls that can shut off or dim the lights at times of limited traffic are just some of the available options for creating an energy-efficient solution.

Outdoor Ray Bollard.jpg
Outdoor Spike.jpg
Metro Pro 01.jpg
CircLED Bollard 02.jpg
Wax Place 02.jpg
Hovden 02.jpg
Wax 08.jpg
Ray Wall 01.jpg
Wax CircLED Bollard 01.jpg
Ray 680 03.jpg
Fagernes 02.jpg
Wax Place 01.jpg
Fevik 05.jpg
Frame Mini 01.jpg
Fevik Asym 01.jpg
Ray D 02.jpg
Wax 04.jpg
CircLED 03.jpg
Fevik 04.jpg
Uno 02.jpg
Luna Deco 02.jpg
Hovden Sign 01.jpg
Ray Bollard II 01.jpg
Ray 680 01.jpg
Place 03.jpg
Wax 06.jpg
Frame 01.jpg
Langfoss 01.jpg

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