Outdoor areas

Decorate your house with the right lighting

The need for good lighting has become increasingly important in recent years. Light creates well-being and can give a much better impression of the property and its surroundings. At the same time it creates a sense of security and acts as a deterrent to burglars. You can highlight the facade by lighting it up, or play with illumination of trees or the patio – there are all sorts of impressive ways to light up your outdoor area!

Flom 02.jpg
Fagernes 01.jpg
Artes 05.jpg
Junistar Lux IsoSafe 01.jpg
Arco Air 02.jpg
Artes 04.jpg
Callisto 02.jpg
Echo 01.jpg
Luna Deco 01.jpg
Echo Deco.jpg
Edge - Callisto Pole 01.jpg
Luna 01.jpg
Flom 01.jpg
Artes Stripline 01.jpg
Frame Round Wall 01.jpg
Luna Mini 01.jpg
Metro 02.jpg
Trio 01.jpg
Trio Socket 01.jpg
Frame Sqaure Wall 01.jpg
Hovden 01.jpg
Frame Square 01.jpg

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