StripLine Drivers

StripLine is a flexible LED strip system for architectural lighting effects in ceilings, walls, niches and cabinets, for both indoor and outdoor use.

It provides a premium light quality with high efficiency and great colour rendering. The LED strip is rated to IP54, has tape on the back for mounting and comes with connection cables already assembled. Lifetime 100.000h (9W/m)

The LED stripe must be fitted in one of the four available StripLine aluminium profiles for surface-mounted, corner, recessed or frameless installations. It can also be used independently in indoor settings. The profiles are supplied with a solid polycarbonate front diffuser that can be easily attached and removed using the hook. The front diffuser is also supplied as a roll, providing the option of very long, continuous fronts.

Different driver kits are available, dimmable with phase-cut or push dim. Driver kits come complete with screwless terminal block for looping. The drivers are rated to IP20.

StripLine is also offered as RGBW, which by mixing red, green and blue (RGB) in different ways, can create all the colours of the rainbow. It also has a pure white (W) colour. StripLine RGBW requires a driver and a controller. To control the light, use a remote control and/or pulse switch.

The LEDs are positioned at very brief intervals and deliver an even light. StripLine can be cut per 3.8 cm (9w/m), 3.3 cm (15w/m) and 7.1 cm (RGBW) to customise each individual installation. When cutting, silicone should be applied to maintain water protection.

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