Project description

Åbyskolan is a brand new municipal primary school in Haninge municipality that was completed in autumn 2020. SG Armaturen was entrusted by the entrepreneur Rhodin & Eklund to develop a proposal for lighting solutions for the entire school in accordance with the standards and requirements prevailing in the industry.

Lighting solution

SG Armaturen made lighting calculations, developed lighting sketches and helped select luminaires, taking into account the current standards and requirements, which led to a cost-effective qualitative overall proposal.

In classrooms, the suspended EcoLine has been used together with the Facet II Asymmetric over paintings.

In classrooms for home economics, art, music etc. the Facet II 1700 has been used where there was a greater need for indirect light. In communication areas, the Sense series has been used, and at teachers' workplaces the Facet with a sensor and a dimmable pull switch. In toilets, the Orion with sensor has been used, which in the RWC also masters a Prelude mirror fixture. In the kitchen and dishwashing area a special LED panel with high IP rating and a glass panel have been used to withstand moisture and detergents. Fevik is mounted on the facade and illuminates the schoolyard. All luminaires have excellent lighting properties that met the requirements of the project, and also make for an energy efficient facility. SG Armaturen especially thanks Rhodin & Eklund for good cooperation throughout the project!

Bokstigen 14
137 34 Västerhaninge

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