Bjølstad Student Housing

Project description

The Bjølstad student housing site in Fredrikstad contains 243 residential units, communal dining rooms and social zones, a fitness centre, laundry facilities and outdoor greenery. The site consists of four separate buildings constructed from solid wood with a total area of 6900m2. 

SG is the exclusive supplier of all interior and exterior lighting for the site.

Lighting solution

SG supplied all interior and exterior lighting with the exception of the bathrooms which were supplied as finalised, sealed units.

Working in partnership with Foss Elektro, SG Armaturen designed a lighting concept in harmony with the architecture on site as well as the developer’s preference for high levels of functionality for residents.  

Sense and Disc fittings in a range of sizes have been used to provide continuous lighting in student accommodation areas, fitness rooms, stairwells and the glass bridges that tie the buildings together.

In corridors and social zones, we deployed Junistar Soft, Junistar Eco and Cube Lux.

We opted for Wax fittings on the building façade as these provide ample light for footpaths and social zones when combined with Circled Pullert and Wax affixed to masts.

Bjølstad Student Housing
Bjølstad Studentboliger
Bjølstadveien 4
1671 Kråkerøy

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