Project description

The existing lighting fixtures did not work well and did not provide enough light to meet the requirements. The decision was therefore made to change to new lighting in connection with a major renovation of Björkängshallen in Huddinge. The decision was made to use Arena Sport, an energy-efficient LED luminaire from SG Armaturen. 

“We have a framework agreement with Huddinge Samhällsfastigheter which started two years ago when they commissioned us to replace the lighting in Stortorpshallen, Trångsund. We then contacted SG Armaturen, which is one of our major lighting partners. They suggested the Arena Sport luminaire, which we switched to with very good results. Because the luminaire is easy to install, the installation was so smooth that we actually finished a week earlier than expected,” says Daniel Nielsen, Head of Electrical Installation at Örnsbergs El & Data AB.

Requirements from the Swedish Ice Hockey Association

Last year, it was time for a major modernisation of Björkängshallen in Huddinge. This included replacing the rink, along with the lighting, ventilation and cooling system.

“The lighting in the arena did not meet the requirements for playing in the Hockeyallsvenskan league, and the maintenance costs were high because the fluorescent tubes had to be replaced frequently, which requires an aerial work platform. In addition, the existing lighting was poorly installed, which meant that an entire row of luminaires could suddenly go out,” says Daniel Nielsen.

Björkängshallen is home to Huddinge Hockey’s A team, which plays in the Hockeyettan league but aims to make it into the Hockeyallsvenskan league. Because of this, the Swedish Ice Hockey Association has more stringent requirements for lighting and other factors. There must be 1000 lux on the ice and vertical lights to handle TV broadcasts.

Lighting solution

Arena Sport – the best alternative

“It started with us installing new incoming electricity to the arena last year, and this year we replaced the lighting. Both Huddinge Samhällsfastigheter and we were very satisfied with the results in Stortorpshallen, but we also received a quote from another supplier. When we compared, it turned out that Arena Sport would be the best alternative in this case as well,” says Daniel Nielsen.

Less than half the number of luminaires 

At SG Armaturen, sales representative Maria Holmberg and lighting designer Jonas Lavin were involved in the project.

“We have done many ice rink arenas before, so I knew what was required. I got photos of what things looked like inside the arena, where the existing luminaires were located, number of lines, where they are located and at what height. The arena originally had 344 T5 fluorescent lamps, and we were able to replace these with just 158 Arena Sport luminaires,” says Jonas Lavin.

Energy savings upwards of 80 percent

The new lighting was also supplemented with Helvar DALI control, which presets different light scenarios for training, match, break, etc.

“We installed the new luminaires during the summer, and everything flowed according to plan. The results are really good. If you were to maximise the light in the system, they now have a full 1400 lux! At this high output, there is an energy savings of 53 percent compared to before. The savings are upwards of 80 percent at 600 lux, which is enough for games in Hockeyettan,” concludes Daniel Nielsen.

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