Brynäs School

Project description

The time had come to renovate the interior of the classic Brynäs School from 1905, which had been empty for many years, and also to build a new dining room building and sports hall. The facade and playground areas also needed refurbishing with new lighting.

Granitor, the contractor, chose to collaborate with SG Armaturen AB to satisfy the tough demands for robustness and lighting technology to present a turnkey solution.

According to Granitor’s project manager Kristoffer Holm, every aspect of collaboration with SG worked out well, from discussing the lighting solutions to the final delivery, as well as the ease of installation and a very good end result.

Lighting solution

SG Lighting undertook the lighting calculations, developed lighting sketches and helped select luminaires, taking into account the current standards and requirements, resulting in a cost-effective qualitative overall proposal.

The Facet II 1700 pendant was used wherever classrooms needed additional indirect lighting. This has been supplemented with the Facet II Asymmetric above the whiteboards.

The Sense range has been used for communication areas, and Facet with a sensor and a dimmable pull cord has been used for teachers’ workstations. Wave IP44 has been used for storage and technology spaces, with Area IP66 in craft rooms.

For the library, the Sense 800 large room pendant has been used to provide a large amount of indirect lighting.

Arena Sport has been installed in the newly built sports hall. The lighting for the playground and facades consists of Langfoss, CircLED Bollard and Flom. Wax spotlights for the targeted illumination of playgrounds, artworks and other objects. Fevik has been used at entrances and doors.

Brynäs School
Gävle Brynässkolan
802 85 Gävle

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