Bryne Kino

Project description

New life was breathed into a disused shopping centre thanks to Bryne Kino as its natural focal point, with four new rooms with 4K laser projectors and Dolby Atmos sound systems.
This was a comprehensive project that involved rebuilding the premises to house a cinema including a 100 square metre refreshments area.

Lighting solution

Jupiter pro was used in the entrance area, while in the refreshments area Tube on rails, Sense 60x60 and Circulus pendulums were fitted. Sense round in a range of sizes were used in the common areas in combination with Sense 60x60 as the base lighting. Junistar was used in the antechambers to the cinema rooms.

Bryne Kino
Bryne Kino
Storgata 12
4340 Bryne

Installer: Miljøelektro (Elproffen) & Time elektro (Elproffen)

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