Car park Thomas B. Thriges Gade and ODEON

Project description

The opening of the northern section of the underground car park is a milestone in Odense’s large-scale urban transformation project: “From Street to Urban Area – the Transformation of Thomas B. Thriges Gade”. 

A contiguous underground parking facility is being constructed beneath the entire project area. Once completed, it will have a capacity for 1,000 parked vehicles. The northern section of the underground car park has both one and two storeys: a single storey under Thomas B. Thriges Gade and two storeys of parking under ODEON.

The northern section of the underground car park has 500 parking spaces. The car park is easily accessible, and the yellow pavement makes it easy to move about in the underground facility. The underground car park is bright and safe to move about in, and its intelligent parking guides and numerous entrances and exits ensure an easy, orderly flow of traffic. The through-going pedestrian catwalk makes pedestrians feel safe and secure as they move through the facility.

SG teamed up with Lemvigh-Müller and El-team Fyn to provide the lighting

Lighting solution

From the outset, high priority was given to a bright, safe and friendly environment to move through in the underground car park, so the lighting was an important factor in achieving this.

The solutions comprise some 850 IP65 luminaires with a colour temperature of 4000K and DALI controlled. The luminaires comes with a transparent base that provides some upwards illumination in the underground car park to counteract the low and dark atmosphere.
The luminaires’ illumination level differs depending on where they are located in the underground car park, so lighting is brighter on primary driving routes in the facility. The luminaires in the actual parking areas are dimmed by motion sensors when activity lessens in these areas. A number of luminaires are also furnished with emergency lights in case of power failure in the underground area.

Downlight luminaires are installed in the stairwells that take pedestrians to and from the underground car park.

Car park Thomas B. Thriges Gade and ODEON
Thomas B. Thriges Gade, underground car park
Thomas B. Thriges Gade
5000 Odense

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