Egeskov Castle

Project description

Egeskov is a Danish manor house. The castle, one of Europe’s best preserved water castles, was built in 1554.

Back in 2019, the idea of creating a unique lighting scheme for the beautiful and much-visited castle park emerged. SG Armaturen and pole supplier Nipa were contacted to develop a luminaire.

In autumn 2019, the prototype was ready to be shown to Count Michael Ahlefeldt of Egeskov Castle. After the first viewing, Michael Ahlefeldt gave some of his own input to the design of the lamps.

I was given the opportunity to provide my own input, and the result is both simple and elegant, and works well for me and for Egeskov. It has a presence without being too pompous.

Count Michael Ahlefeldt-Laurvig-Bille, Egeskov Castle

Lighting solution

Future visitors to Egeskov Castle will be guided down to the castle park entrance by customised lighting. The unique lamps are the result of Energi Fyn, Nipa and SG Armaturen working together.

The lamps are sculptural. They look like two hearts interwoven with a diamond on top.

Ray 680 LED 17W 3000K is used for the specially made luminaires. These are equipped with Constant Light Output (CLO) to maintain the same output throughout their service life, and Ls8 50% (Lumistep dimming), which automatically dims to 50% at night for maximum savings without compromising on comfort.

Egeskov Castle
Egeskov Slot
Egeskov Gade 18
5772 Kværndrup

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