Project description

As part of the complete refurbishment of Elektrikergymnasiet’s new premises, Jubab Elservice was responsible for the electrical installation work. SG Armaturen was entrusted with supplying all lighting as well as wall outlets and switches.

Elektrikergymnasiet offers a niche vocational study programme fully focused on aspiring electricians. Previously, the high school was located at Telefonplan, but when the lease expired, new premises had to be found. Through Sagax estate agents, they received an offer of new premises in Västberga, outside Stockholm. However, complete renovation and adaptation of the premises for their new activities was required. The assignment went to lead contractor Jubab Totalentreprenad, and its subsidiary Jubab Elservice was hired for the electrical installation work.

“The total area of the premises is about 1800 square metre, all on one level. We began by bringing in a consultant to define what would be the basis for the new activities. Then the premises were completely gutted and work began to build everything according to the senior high school’s wishes with classrooms, workshops, kitchen, group room, office, gymnasium, dining area, etc.,” says Kevin Johansen, Jubab Elservice project manager.

Lighting solution

Light calculation

When it came to the choice of lighting, Jubab Elservice contacted SG Armaturen directly to get suggestions for a suitable solution.

“We’ve hired SG Armaturen several times since we started Jubab Elservice about a year and a half ago. We first got in touch with them through our electrical wholesaler. We submitted our enquiry and a light calculation that we needed on a project. Their salesman Mikael d’Ailly came back to us really quickly with the help we needed. Since then, SG Armaturen has helped us on most lighting jobs. The advantage is that they have a wide range of good products that work and are easy to install and they give us great service, too,” Jubab Elservice project manager Richard Rundblad explains.

After the summer holidays last year, Mikael d’Ailly received drawings and a request about planning the lighting for Elektrikergymnasiet. The request included details such as lux value requirements, ceiling heights in the various rooms, etc. Requirements also included the need for a warmer colour temperature in workshops and gymnasiums than in the office spaces. Sandra Beijer at SG Armaturen designed the lighting, developed lighting sketches and proposed luminaires, including Wave, Sense, Sense Round, Sense Eco, Chef, Facet II and Rax models.  In total, more than 300 luminaires were used.


Wall sockets and switches

“In my contacts with Jubab Elservice, I also enquired about whether there was any interest in using wall sockets and switches from our SG Install appliance range. It could be an advantage for them to have everything from dimmers to luminaires from the same supplier,” Mikael d’Ailly comments.

SG Install is a unique range of wall sockets and switches with a focus on being installation-friendly. The products have, among other things, a patent-pending solution with colour-labelled quick coupler rockers, which speeds up installation while minimising the risk of connection faults.

“This is the first time we’ve used SG Armaturen switches and wall sockets on such a large project. It has worked well; they’re quick and easy to install and are also good value for money. So we will probably use them more in the future,” says Kevin Johansen.


Happy with the result

Jubab Elservice ordered everything through its electrical wholesaler and the equipment was delivered to the site on time.

“All the work just flowed, largely thanks to good coordination between all the contractors on site. As always, planning was key. We completed our assignment in mid-December; Elektrikergymnasiet is very pleased with the end result and they were able to begin the spring term according to plan, in fresh, new premises,” says Richard Rundblad.

“A brilliant project to be involved in and the fact that we are now represented with so many products in a school for future electricians feels like an extra feather in our cap,” says Mikael d’Ailly.

Västberga gårdsväg 36
126 30 Hägersten

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