Elva Hotel

Project description

Elva Hotel is a very special hotel in Voss that combines extreme sports and nature experiences with spectacular accommodation and food culture. Elva is a small boutique hotel with 14 rooms, consisting of a main building and five unique cabin-style units, all with stunning views of the river, forest and mountains. Secluded despite its central location, it’s beautiful and wild all year round.

The hotel rooms feature bespoke furniture by Styve carpentry, Norwegian-made furniture by Norwegian designers, including the well-known local designer Torbjørn Afdal, beds by Wonderland, and high-quality duvets and pillows. Elva hotel makes sure its guests have a wonderful stay and a good night’s sleep.

Lighting solution

The client wanted a homely hotel with cosy lighting that makes the guests feel at home. The hotel offers rafting on the rivers in Voss. It also has a restaurant, meeting rooms and outdoor facilities. Since the area floods at least once a year, all technical installations are positioned at least 1.7 metres above the ground floor level of the buildings.

To meet lighting requirements while maintaining a calm ambience, Soft Square, Nano and simple Junistar Soft lights are used extensively in the units. Tube Wall is used as the bedside lamp and at the desk. Callisto wall lights are used in the staircases outside the units.

Elva Hotel
Elva Hotell & Restaurant
Nedkvitnesvegen 25
5710 Skulestadmo

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