Hotel Faaborg Fjord

Project description

Hotel Faaborg Fjord is an exclusive wellness and conference hotel in an idyllic location with views of the South Funen Archipelago.

The hotel has recently opened a new spa and wellness zone, where the right lighting is an important aspect of creating the perfect ambient lighting for guests to experience the many activities offered. SG worked with Faaborg EL to deliver the project.

Lighting solution

For the indoor Spa and Wellness zone, they chose Junistar IsoSafe and Junistar Soft TW. Junistar Soft TW is an exclusive downlight where the light temperature can be adjusted from 2000 kelvin to 4000 kelvin, creating just the right atmosphere for guests in the Wellness zone.

Outside, they used Calisto Bollard to light the way to the outdoor spa and sauna area.

Hotel Faaborg Fjord
Hotel Faaborg Fjord
Svendborgvej 175
5600 Faaborg

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