Project description

InHouse Group is a design and development company specialising in carpets and other interior design products. They carried out a total restoration of an old commercial property, creating a showroom with a modern, contemporary feel.

Lighting solution

Together with the lighting designer, SG Armaturen and the customer, an LED lighting plan for the showroom and meeting spaces was drawn up.

A range of exciting lighting products from SG were fitted (industrial and design fittings), which provide the right level of lighting on the carpets and chemical products, according to installer Fredrik Bauer. ‘We’re really pleased with the LED lighting concept and the support provided by SG Armaturen as part of this project. InHouse Group now has creative LED lighting in their showroom and meeting spaces, ensuring their products are rendered in the correct colours,’ he emphasises.

The showroom lighting can be automatically dimmed and brightened. The drop-shaped pendulum fitting, Consido, hanging from the showroom ceiling provides an overhead light that does not ‘suffocate’ the light cast by the LED spotlights fitted using Shopline rail systems centred on the carpets.

The mix of basic background lighting and spotlighting provides a good atmosphere. In the kitchen and dining department, Junistar, Zip pendulum and Zip Pro luminaires have been installed, while the meeting rooms are equipped with Sense panels and Junistar Exclusive.

InHouse Group
Hellenvegen 15
2022 Gjerdrum

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