Jysk Arena

Project description

JYSK Arena, located in Silkeborg, is best known as the home of professional handball teams Bjerringbro-Silkeborg and Silkeborg-Voel.

JYSK Arena has undergone renovation in terms of size, façade, signs, floor, stands and, not least, lighting. With regard to lighting, the project was about saving energy in the hall and the associated rooms. In addition, a number of lighting requirements were defined in relation to TV broadcasts from the handball matches.

For the hall, Arena Sport by SG Armaturen was chosen partly based on the high lumen output as well as price and quality.

It was essential for the client to strike a good balance between energy consumption and light quality. The theoretical calculations showed more than 22,000 lumens per Arena Sport with an output of 156W, which in turn resulted in a swift return on investment.

Thomas Søgaard
Electrical Engineer, Dansk El og Energi

Lighting solution

The new luminaires were to replace the existing T5 tube luminaires and reuse existing conduits and rows of luminaires to avoid spending the budget on installing additional or new rows of luminaires.

However, there were some challenges with uniformity on the floor once the luminaires were fitted, which we could not see from the lighting calculation. This was resolved very professionally by SG by customising lenses and optics in the luminaire.

Jens S. G. Dalby
Advisor for Energy and Maintenance, Silkeborg Municipality

162 luminaires with 4 x 80W T5 and 8 luminaires with 8 x 80W T5 were taken down. These were replaced by 98 LED luminaires rated at 176W and 68 LED luminaires rated at 81W. This, plus the new KNX lighting control, gives us a state-of-the-art lighting system that meets our functionality requirements for professional sports, theatre and other general use.

Arena Sport by SG was easy to work with both in terms of the top suspension method and installation in the fixed terminals.
In addition, the SG team were extremely professional, always ready to help with the slightest challenges.

Rasmus Sørensen,
Bjerringbro & Fårvang El-forretning

The lighting system is approved and complies with TV2’s requirements for professional handball TV recordings in terms of both lux level and uniformity.

see video from JYSK Arena

Jysk Arena
Jysk Arena
Ansvej 114
8600 Silkeborg

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