Project description

NorgesEnergi’s head office is located in Kristiansand, Norway. In 2021, the premises needed to be refurbished with a keen focus on low-cost electricity and energising surroundings. Elektroxperten AS provided the lighting in collaboration with SG.

Lighting solution

In collaboration with Elektroxperten, SG’s luminaires were used to create a lighting concept adapted to a young, energetic group seeking a comfortable lighting solution that met environmental requirements. In the meeting rooms, Inspire is mounted in a row as the basic lighting together with Junistar Soft as accent lighting.

This produces a pleasant, low-glare lighting effect that enhances user focus and concentration. Several sizes of Sense Round are installed in common areas. This helps intensify the lighting experience in a large office landscape. Circulus is suspended over social gathering areas to enhance the pleasant atmosphere.

Markens gate 34
4612 Kristiansand

Installatør: Elektroxperten AS

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