Norwegian National Opera and Ballet

Project description

The Oslo Opera House is an architectural gem. The building is home to the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet. The Opera House is a monumental building that draws tourists from across Norway and the world on a daily basis.
No corners have been cut when it comes to materials and artistic design, in order to emphasise the building’s unique character. This was also the approach when it came to replace the lighting with modern LEDs.

Lighting solution

SG has supplied lighting for the canteen, cloak room and foyer.

Lars Løvaas, Project Manager for the Opera House and National Archives at electrical installer Datelco AS, explains that they have been responsible for the replacement of LEDs in the Opera House over the past 2 ½ years.

‘The lighting was 10 years old and ripe for replacement. We have replaced old halogen fittings with LEDs in both the big and small concert halls. We have also fitted interior lighting in the canteen and LED fittings on the top of the coat rails in the foyer. 
The replacement of old lighting with new LEDs will be completed in 2019. The Norwegian Directorate of Public Construction and Property and Snøhetta provided clear instructions for what sort of lighting they needed. We sent a request to SG Armaturen’s design team in Odense including details of length, breadth, height, lumen per watt. Together with our descriptions and calculations, the shopping list was reviewed and adapted to the customer,’  
says Lars Løvaas.

The Opera canteen
There are people in the Opera House canteen at all hours of the day. They wanted to change the atmosphere in canteen by being able to change the lighting colour (kelvin) and level.
LED lighting has been fitted in the canteen in the existing 60x1.20 panels, with the light shifting according to the time of day. The fixtures that have been used in walking areas and by the food serving area are Multiconcept TW with Velios front. The fixtures in the seating area are special version of Diled prism TW. The fixture has been delivered in a 1200mmX600mm edition. We have put two fixtures together to produce an illuminated panel of 2400mmx600mm.

Cloak room and foyer
Both the architect and developer believed that it was important to increase the strength of light in the cloak room area of the foyer in order to comply with fire regulations and to improve safety in the event of an evacuation of the building. 
Nano tilt lighting has been fitted in the cloak room to more than 300 coat rails. The lighting reflects off the ceiling, which gives a visually artistic impression. The LED fixtures provide clearer light and high degree of intimacy in the foyer and concert area.

Norwegian National Opera and Ballet
Den Norske Opera
Kirsten Flagstads plass 1
0150 Oslo

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