Odense Sports Park

Project description

The lighting of several halls in Odense Sports Park has been refurbished as part of the EnergyLean project in the City of Odense. Odense Sports Park is managed by the Urban and Cultural Affairs Administration of the City of Odense.

Its primary task is to operate a number of different sports facilities in Odense and environs. These include Odense Ice-Skating Stadium, Odense Sports Hall and the Thorvald Ellegaard Arena (Odense cycling track). New energy-efficient lighting from SG has been installed in each facility

Lighting solution

The main luminaire used throughout the project is Corex Sport LED which was developed in two basic versions.

An IP65 version with RGB-W lights was developed for Odense Ice-Skating Stadium, while the other venues use Corex Sport without RGB. The specs of both versions are 210W/25,000 lumen, 4000 Kelvin and a vandalism resistance rating of IK09.

A unique asymmetrical version is used to light the cycling track to achieve ideal lighting of the track itself.

Plash44 LED luminaires (18W and 25W, 4000 Kelvin) have been installed in all changing rooms, corridors and storage rooms

Odense Sports Park
Odense Idrætspark
5200 Odense

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