Project description

Sportytude is a recently established 1300-m2 fitness centre in Lørenskog, just outside Oslo. The fitness centre is intending to add more facilities such as squash courts, expanding its area to approx. 2000–2500 m2 eventually.

Lighting solution

The fitness centre has no windows on the premises, so no access to natural light. This places heavy demands in terms of lighting, and SG Armaturen was chosen to provide a daylight imitation solution.

The light is programmed on a cycle that changes the colour temperature and lighting intensity during the day/evening to optimise the training environment as much as possible. The instructors also have the option of individually adapting the light with different programs for group training sessions such as spinning, Pilates, etc.

Facet II TW and Disc 480 TW were installed in most places, but the changing rooms were fitted with Sense Eco Opalprism and Junistar Soft, while View was installed above the mirrors.

Lurhtoppen 2
1470 Lørenskog

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