Valkea Shopping center

Project description

Valkea shopping center has 60 different shops and restaurants of 25.000m2 located in Oulu, Finland. On top of the shopping center is 66 residential units.

Lighting solution

500 Box Lean LED, 250 Rax 150 LED, 200 Blocks LED and 150 DiLED Frame Prism is installed throughout the shopping center.

Valkea Shopping center
Kauppakeskus Valkea
Isokatu 25
90100 Oulu

End user: Kauppakeskus Valkea

Main Contractor: Skanska Talonrakennus Oy

Electrical Engineering: Sweco Talotekniikka Oy

Architect: UKI-Arkkitehdit

Contractor: Caverion Oy

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