Vattenfall Research and Development

Project description

Vattenfall’s energy research laboratory is located in Älvkarleby. The laboratory has a wide variety of rooms and wanted to modernise the lighting in its main hall and workshops, where the old lighting solution no longer met the company’s standards.

Lighting solution

Ramboll was tasked with evaluating various luminaire solutions and, in consultation with head of section Mikael Bergsten, Vattenfall, they decided on Arena for the main hall and Area66 for the workshops. Arena is a high-performance IP23 luminaire with excellent LED lens technology, and Area66 is an embedded heavy-duty luminaire for harsh environments.

Besides improving the quality and evenness of the light in the facilities, the new luminaires reduced energy consumption by 50%.

Vattenfall Research and Development
Vattenfall Research and Development AB
814 70 Älvkarleby

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