SG Smart App Guide

The following video will guide you through the key features in the SG Smart App. Click here If you want to know more about the SG Smart.

1. How to register as a user

When you open the SG Smart App for the first time, you will be asked to register as a user.

2. How to set up location and connect devices in the app

To get started, you need to create a location. You can then pair your devices with the SG Smart App. It is possible to create multiple locations.

3. How to assign groups

A location is divided into groups in relation to rooms or areas – for example the kitchen, living room or bedroom. 

4. How to set up scenes

It is possible to create different scenes under each group. In a living room, a scene can be TV light, dinner party, etc.

5. How set up shortcuts

The SG Smart App has four fixed scenes or shortcuts on the homepage — for ‘Out of the house’, ‘Welcome’, ‘Morning’ and ‘Night’. 
As a general rule, ‘Out of the house’ will turn off all devices after a selected time interval. Devices not to be turned off must be removed from this shortcut. For the three other shortcuts, the devices to be switched on must be selected in Settings.

6. How to set up timers

Under the timer function, the various groups can be programmed to turn on or off at certain times of the week.

7. How to share location

In the app, it is possible to create multiple locations, such as your home, summer cottage, cabin or workplace. A location can easily be shared with other users.

If you are an installer, you can easily set up SG Smart for your customer, share the location with the customer, and appoint the customer as the administrator (always remember to create a new location for each customer).

8. How to unpair devices from the app

If you want to remove a device from your location, simply use the ‘Pairing Reset’ function in Settings. You can also use this function if you can’t find a device you have connected. Here, it will usually be possible to find the device under the ‘Disconnect’ function and then reconnect the device.