SG Smart App Guide

SG Smart App is a free app for controlling and configuring SG Smart’s various devices.  In addition to being able to turn on, off, and dim lighting, it is also possible to group lighting and other electrical installations, create scenes, and program the devices to turn on/off at specific times or at sunrise and sunset.

The app can be downloaded from App Store or Google Play. Click here to download!

The following video will guide you through the key features in the SG Smart App. Click here If you want to know more about the SG Smart.

Get started with the SG Smart-app

This video will help you get started with the SG Smart app

1. Download the app
2. Register new account
3. Set up a location
4. Set up groups

How to program your SG Smart-system

This video explains how to program your Smart system via the SG Smart app

1. Scene
2. Shortcut
3. Timer function

Share a location with other users

This video explains how you can share a location with other users.

1. Important when you share!
2. Share from sender
3. Receive a location

Three different ways to unpair

This video explains how to unpair a device via the SG Smart app.

Three different ways to unpair a device:
1. Pairing reset
2. Unpair under Manage Device
3. "Force delete" under Manage Device

How to program the Smart Switch

The Smart Switch is a battery-operated, wireless switch for up to 4 different functions that can control all Smart devices from SG. Functions are programmed via the SG LEDDIM app. It can be used to activate scenarios or control dimmers or groups/rooms.

How to setup HomeKit

This video explains how to connect SG Smart to Apple Homekit.

1. Connect to same WiFi
2. Update SG Smart Gateway
3. Connect SG Smart to Bridge
4. Connect Smart devices to Bridge