Danish Crown

Project description

The food company Danish Crown’s new sustainable headquarters, “Kronen”, is designed with respect for history and agriculture. The building’s wings radiate out into the landscape, and the facades are an interpretation of the half-timbering known from old Danish farms. This gives the building a strong signature. 

The entire headquarters appeals to the senses both outside and inside to create a modern, sustainable workplace with a spacious, bright ambience. 

Lighting solution

SG has provided the lighting both outside and inside the newly built headquarters. CircLED Bollard and Place are used outside. Inside, Wave, Sense Round 255, View, Sense Pro 600x600 and Aneto 3 Phase have been installed. Finally, the specially developed luminaires Line 1200 Stair Lighting and 900m recessed Line Lights have been installed. 

Danish Crown
Danish Crown
Danish Crown Vej 1
8940 Randers

Danish Crown

Fotograf: Adam Mørk

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