SG Smart

Make everyday life easier

Intelligent control of your home

SG Smart is an intelligent system that offers easy control of the electrical installations in your home.
Although primarily used to control lighting, the app can also be used with other electrical installations such as electric heaters, TVs or coffee machines.

  • Wake up when the light automatically comes on in the morning
  • Automatically turn on the coffee machine, so the coffee is ready when you wake up
  • Switch on the lights in selected rooms using a single switch when you come home
  • Automatically turn on lights when you are not at home to ward off burglars
  • Turn the lights on automatically at sunset
  • Turn on your electric heater before you come home
  • One-touch light extinguisher when you go to bed or leave your home
    ... and many, many more options!

SG Smart devices

SG Smart consists of a number of devices and is easy to use and install in both new and existing lighting. The devices and SG Smart App communicate via Bluetooth and WiFi.
All SG Smart devices can easily replace the existing installation in your home, and the system can be expanded as required on an ongoing basis. SG provides a five-year warranty on all SG Smart devices.

Click here to watch our App Guide video for an easy introduction to SG Smart.

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SG Smart works with Google Assistant and Alexa by using the SG Smart Gateway


SG Smart App (free)

The SG Smart App can control all Smart devices. Using the App it is possible to group areas, create scenes or control devices in relation to the level of light, colour, times of the day and week and sunrise and sunset.

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LEDDim Smart

LEDDim Smart is a dimmer that can turn on/off or dim the connected lighting. This can be done on the dimmer itself or via the SG Smart app.

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TW LEDDim Smart

TW LEDDim Smart is a dimmer that can control adjustable white light (Tunable White). The device also has four fixed programmable settings. The connected lighting is controlled and set either directly on the dimmer or via the SG Smart App.

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Smart Switch

Smart Switch is a battery-powered wireless switch with up to four different functions that can control the SG Smart devices.

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Smart Gateway

Smart Gateway allows coupling of SG Smart to the Internet, so it can be controlled via the SG Smart App both inside and outside the home. It can also be configured to sunrise and sunset settings in much the same way as a daily rhythm can be programmed together with TW LEDDim Smart. 

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Smart Plug

Smart Plug is a device that can be connected to a power outlet and thus turn on and off the connected installations such as a coffee machine, TV or electric heater. The installation can be turned on and off at the plug, but can also be controlled and programmed via the SG Smart App.

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LEDDim Smart Pill

LEDDim Smart Pill is a hidden device installed in existing or new lighting which can control the lighting via ordinary switches, Smart Switch or the Smart App.

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LEDDim Smart DIN

LEDDim Smart DIN is a control unit that is installed in the home’s electrical panel to control the installation in a given area of the home. It is possible to connect an ordinary switch for on/off light adjustment.

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