SG Smart
Save energy and make everyday life easier!

Intelligent control of the home

SG Smart is an intelligent system allowing for easy control of electrical installations


Switch on lights
using a single switch


Wake up with
automatic light!


Turn on the coffee


Remote control
of lights and heating


Customise heating


Enable scenarios
with simple taps

Easy to use and install
for new or existing lighting

SG Smart consists of a number of devices. The devices and the SG Smart App can communicate via both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
All SG Smart devices can easily replace your existing home installation, while the system can also be continuously expanded as needed.

SG provides a five-year warranty on all SG Smart devices.

What’s new in the Smart App

See the new features that make the app even more user-friendly.

Voice control

If you’re interested in technology, setting up voice control of your lighting is simplicity itself via Gateway.

Managing your heating

If you have electric heating in your home or holiday cabin, you’ll be able to control your heating via SG Smart.

Smart Gateway

Smart Gateway gives you full access to SG Smart whenever you’re away from your home.

Read more about SG Smart in our brochure

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