Tunable White Lighting

Bringing natural light indoors
Natural light changes with the seasons and throughout the day – and has a big impact on how we feel. Our mood can be affected by the amount of light and the quality of the light throughout the 24 hours of the day – the circadian rhythm.  Read more about the Circadian Rhythm and Human Centric Lighting

New technology makes it possible to easily ‘mimic’ sunlight during the day and create the best possible conditions for people staying indoors.

SG has unique solutions for Tunable White lighting

Revolutionary technology – get Tunable White without extra cabling!

Get Tunable White with existing installations. Our unique dimmer TW LEDDim is designed for traditional Class I installations and thus only needs to be connected to neutral, ground and live for luminaires; alternatively, to a Class II installation with netral and live. The number of luminaires regulated on a dimmer depends on the total power of the luminaires. More information about TW LEDDim...

Standardised digital protocol for the advanced lighting solution

With LEDDim DALI, you do not need to program the system as it transmits via broadcast command.

The built-in DALI power supply ensures smooth installation and requires no other DALI equipment. An LEDDim DALI can control up to 64 DALI luminaires. Possibility of connecting up to four LEDDim DALI and thus control up to 256 DALI luminaires.  More information about TW DALI...