Standardiseret digital protokol for the advanced lighting solution

Tuneable White with DALI DT8, shortened to TW DALI, makes it possible to steplessly adjust the light level and colour temperature from 2700K to daylight of 6500K and adapt it to the user’s needs.

With LEDDim DALI, you do not need to program the system as it transmits via broadcast command.

The built-in DALI power supply ensures smooth installation and requires no other DALI equipment. An LEDDim DALI can control up to 64 DALI luminaires. Possibility of connecting up to four LEDDim DALI and thus control up to 256 DALI luminaires.

DALI dimmer, which can control both intensity and colour (via DALI Type 8). To change the colour temperature, simply double-tap the rotary switch. The four buttons allow you to save the current setting, which can be recreated at the tap of a button.

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