We take responsibility for people and the environment

SG Armaturen wants to contribute to a society that takes people and the environment seriously, and wants to create long-term value. We make quality products that last a long time and provide energy-efficient lighting. Our designers work actively to reduce material consumption in products and packaging, and increasingly utilise recycled materials. We generate our own electricity on the roof of our head office, and we endeavour to choose the means of transport that produce the lowest possible emissions.

In this way, we help to reduce energy consumption and our environmental footprint.

Ever since its inception in 1990, SG Armaturen has emphasised creating a safe, inclusive and stimulating workplace for all employees. We want to help make the world a better place and strive for ethical trade, fair wages and good working conditions throughout the value chain.

In addition, we invest part of our profits in humanitarian projects around the world, helping to provide people with healthcare, education and opportunities.


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